Schechter Westchester’s Lower School is unique in providing the intimacy of a small, nurturing community with the immeasurable benefits of a superb, well-established private school.  We offer the excellence of twenty-first century educational innovations within the context of the values and substance of a five thousand year old Jewish tradition.

We pride ourselves on knowing our students well and meeting their diverse needs. 

Committed to providing a superior Jewish, values-based education, we are also dedicated to ensuring that the excellence in our general studies program is never compromised.  Developing critical thought, independent thinking, and research and analysis skills are central to our curriculum. Students are provided with an education incorporating superior instructional and curricular practices.

Meet Our Principal

I am a great believer in bridges. The ingenuity of bridges have allowed for civilizations to connect with each other. They have helped dentists fill the gaps of missing teeth and bungee jumpers satiate their thirst for adrenaline. Bridges have also offered artists the inspiration to dream of such sites as the Golden Gate fogged over at sunset. Such value!

I however, am most interested in the types of bridges that cannot be seen. These invisible bridges are of a type that is built by individuals to connect themselves to others. Their import lies largely in experiences that nurture growth: growth as a student of oneself and a student of the world. For me, these types of bridges are the very best bridges around.

I love that Schechter Westchester endeavors to build these types of bridges with our students. Through comprehensive assessments and the differentiated instruction that takes place in our classrooms, each child is at the very center of the school’s mission and work. Each child has an opportunity to connect to our exciting curriculum and to feel like an important and valued member of our community. Additionally, our Jewish studies program provides a foundation for our students to develop a positive Jewish identity and engage as thoughtful, committed, and responsible Jews in the larger world.

The bridges we build are not limited to our students, however. Our work with parents also involves the construction of these bridges. I am so impressed by the level of parental involvement with the school, whether it is providing critical information about their children, hosting community events like class parties, or partnering with teachers and administrators to construct the best possible plan that can support our students. Earning parents’ support will make all the difference in the success of the work we are able to complete on behalf of the children.

Finally, building bridges to the community is another important focus of ours. Our classes engage in service learning projects aimed at making the world a better place for those around us. We also visit many cultural and historical landmarks in the area, with the goal of learning about where we come from and where we are going.

I am fortunate to be working with such a tremendous group of people and to journey together across some of the very best bridges in history!


Matt Aborn
Lower School Principal

These words by Rabbi Yishmael, which reflect the essence of our mission, are found in Pirkei Avot. They advise us to lead lives filled with learning, teaching, preservation of our heritage, and social action.

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